Twas' just before Christmas... 22nd-23rd of December 2018 and I needed a last quick trip in the hills, before heading home for the holiday. And Helen's friends had made it south already for the holidays, so we headed up to make an attempt on Mt Alexander. Although the weather has other ideas, so we settled for a spot of remote bouldering and thigh admiration. Before heading back to the Hut for an afternoon of wood chopping and enjoying the bush bath!
Helen Liley, Lynn Kilpatrick, Ed Collin and Sam Richardson

Helen remote bouldering in team uniform as Sam looks on

Thigh admiration for the summit attempt team, after we decided to head back down

Sam and Helen heading back down, so of course the weather decided to improve slightly

Hopefully improving on the water photography front

Ed has found the tree!

The tree chopping team

Sam takes a turn with the axe

All the focus!

Lynn's focus face

And my focus face, I was determined to get that stump!

Helen and Sam carry our tree through the forrest, one of the few photos where Helen's eyes are open

Lynn and the cute inside of Camp Creek Hut!

Checking the temperature of the Bush Bath

Enjoying the Bush Bath, thanks to Helen for photo credit.

Ah that serenity!

Helen and all the tub glamour!

Sam enjoys the tub and a mug of tea out of the Marmot NZ mug!

The crew, half in uniform... Helen, Sam, Lynn, Ed and Penzy.

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