There was much fresh snow in Arthur's Pass, so by the time the road opened and we got over we decided to change our plans and opt for this lovely but surprisingly rugged wee traverse of Mt Kerr!
We couldn't talk our way through the gate to drive to where we wanted to start walking, so we ended up walking a wee way on the bike trail just to get started, making for a fairly long Sunday. Big thanks to Permolat for the freshly cut track!!
13th - 14th October 2018
Sarah Hamilton, Mary DeRoy, Liz Bertolett, Francis Main, Tom Garden

The beautiful lichen caught my eye

There are some fantastic trees on the West Coast

Finally above the bushline

Only on the West Coast

Tomorrow's route from camp

Evening light in the tussock

Only a West Coast sunset...



... although shame I need to clean my lens!

Sarah admires the fantastic sunset!

Some of the more tame scrub climbs we undertook on our route

The last scrub climb, looking out at easier ridges to come, towards McArthur Crags

The summit of Mt Kerr

The team; Mary, Tom, Sarah, Liz, Penzy and Francis

Descending the ridge off McArthur Crags, shortly after this the route drops off to the right and sidles across until the ridge can be easily crossed again onto easy terrain and a plateau above Lower Olderog Biv. Markings start again at this plateau to lead you through the rest of the scrub to the Biv.

Gorgeous wee Lower Olderog Biv

Sarah featuring my shoes, inside Lower Olderog Biv

The route down from the Biv was a lot of fun

Sarah crosses the bridge over The Cesspool in the Arahura River, while Tom and Mary wait. Needs to be swum in... next time!

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