After fairly challenging times on the Three Passes Trek in the Everest region, I decided that I needed a little bit of rest and relaxation. So I headed to Pokhara to just chill out and also to spend some time at a Yoga retreat.
Pokhara Lake

Pokhara Lake

White flowers

It was nice to be amongst so much greener and flowers for a change

Red leaves with yellow edges

These leaves are stunning

Nepali woman in rice field

Taking care of the fields at the Yoga retreat

White flower opening
White flower unfurling

A good thing to look at in the morning

Raindrops on maroon leaves

I love the raindrops

Raindrops on a white flower

What a beautiful morning

Brightly coloured small flowers

Such bright colours!

Brightly coloured small flowers

Seriously makes me want to eat them!

Moth perched on a leaf

Love the iridescence

Mountains above Pokhara

Sometimes early in the morning the clouds would lift and you'd realise just how close the mountains were


This dude just posing for the camera

Close up of lizard

Just look at me!

Paragliders in the sky

So many paragliders in the sky at once


One proud dude looking down his nose at my camera

Heron behind barbed wire

A beautiful heron

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