April 3rd to 27th 2022, just as the world began to open up I took advantage of the fact I wasn't working and fulfilled a lifelong dream to go to Nepal. I'd always thought when I went to Nepal I would do the Annapurna circuit. However, once I started planning this trip a friend suggested the three passes trek as an alternative and looking into it I decided it was exactly what I wanted to do.
So off I went. It was my first time at altitude and it didn't go very well, but I survived and learnt a lot for next time!

Weather and moods from my time whole time in Nepal. Just a brief overview.

Monkey above Kathmandu city

A Monkey at the monkey temple in Kathmandu

A pile of rubbish behind a gate saying dreams

A very ironic photo! 

Red and white flower

Nice flower

Cute black and white puppy with blue eyes

Cute puppy

Beautiful pink rhododendron

Once we left the city the Rhododendron forests were amazing

Brown dog lying on a wall

Dog on a wall

Pink flowers

Pretty flowers on a tree

Hiker crossing a swing bridge in Nepal

Nick crossing one of the many bridges

Tree on a cliff edge

An improbable tree

White tree flowers

More of the lovely forest flowers

Flowing stream

Beautiful stream

Stream with nepali prayer flags

Such a stunning wee spot

Prayer flag behind the blossom

Blossom and prayer flags

Entry to Sagarmatha National Park

Finally, we reached the entry to Sagarmatha National Park

Crossing a Nepali bridge

Porter loads vs independent hiker loads

Mountain under a prayer flag in Nepal

First view of the mountains as the mist lifted a little bit

Black and white photo of a mountain in clouds

First acclimatisation day, hadn't seen anything from Namche Bazar so we climbed up to 4000m and caught this very brief view through the cloud

Himalayan Griffon on the wing

Himalayan Griffon on the wing - beautiful and majestic and so big!

Black and White mountain peeking through clouds

More peeks of the mountains

Bird gathering nesting material

Gathering nesting material - it's that time of year

Rhododendron bud

Another rhododendron 

Black and white mountain in storm clouds

Another moody mountain


Which one is smarter the crow or the kea?

Nepali child in a doorway

Meeting the locals

black and white photo of ama dablam in cloud


Summit textures of Ama Dablam

Loving the rock textures on the mountain!

Ama Dablam and Base Camp

Ama Dablam and Base Camp

black and white photo of ama dablam just above the cloud

Ama Dablam

Bird on a rock

I didn't see snow leopards or Tahr, but I did see this bird.

Himalaya, Ama Dablam and prayer flags

View back down the valley I had just come up, once the fog finally cleared.

Nepali Tea House

One of the many tea houses I stayed in along the way

Last light on Ama Dablam

Last light on Ama Dablam - beautiful mountain

A wall of snowy ridges

Snowy ridges!

On Chikung Ri

Finally starting to come right at altitude on Chikung Ri, right before the first pass

Red alpine plant

Cute wee plant

Hiker in the himalayas

Looking back at the valley I had struggled so much in

Three hikers in front of a lake

Miranda, me, and Emily. I met these two wonderful women as I struggled up the first valley and we ended up crossing all three passes together.

Black and white spotted yak

A yak!

Everest Base Camp

Everest Base Camp

Penzy Dinsdale on Everest Base Camp rock

Yes I did queue up for quite a while to get a photo on this rock

black and white photo of glacier layers

Glacier textures

Hikers getting ready

Setting out for our second pass! It ended up snowing a lot that day.

rock texture

Rock textures

black and white photo, moody mountains and clouds in the himalayas

Such moody landscapes!

Guide in the himalayan

Sudeep, a guide who we ended up spending a bit of time with. He and his clients were going the same way and staying at most of the same places as us

ice texture on a glacier

Texture on the glacier

Very big moon in the himalayas

The Moon!

black and white photo of the himalayas

More beautiful scenes

Prayer flags on the summit of gokyo ri

Prayer flags on the summit of Gokyo Ri

Charging yak

Another Yak

Gokyo lake with prayer flags and mountains

Last look back and Gokyo lake

Penzy Dinsdale with prayer flags in Nepal

Me with the prayer flags on our final pass

Hiker in the Himalayas

Miranda leads the way, heading down into our final valley of the trip, it's all downhill to much more sensible altitudes from here

Four small white flowers

Cute wee flowers

White Rhododendron flower

Finally back down to Rhododendron altitude

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