After time spent relaxing in Pokhara I was ready for another adventure so headed down the Chitwan National Park in the hopes of seeing a Tiger. Unfortunately, I didn't get the opportunity. However, I did see a huge variety of other flora and fauna, including the even rarer one-horned rhino and a wild elephant (but no photos of him as we were too close to a military base).  So here's just a small selection of the many wonders I captured in the forest.
White and yellow flowers

Flower petals that actually look like icing!

Sunset over a river

A beautiful sunset over the river that separates us from the jungle

Black and white photo of splashing water

Magic movement of the water - I think a crocodile might have just vanished from view

Bright blue kingfisher

Kingfisher - I love the bright blue

Kingfisher on a branch

Another view of him

Crocodile behind waterlilies

Crocodile trying to hide behind the waterlilies 

One-horned rhino in a swamp

A one-horned Rhino enjoying a bath

One-horned Rhino in a swamp

Oh yep that's it

On-horned rhino in a swamp
One-horned rhino in a swamp
One-horned rhino surrounded by flowers

Look at him enjoying the flowers

Penzy Dinsdale in a tree

Of course, I had to climb it!

Mother and baby elephant

Mother and baby elephant. This will be the only elephant picture I'll post although I have many more. These are working animals and although the guide ensured us they are well cared for, watching their stereotypic behaviours while chained on the spot I'm just not so sure they are happy. I chose to stay away from them as much as possible.

Close up of a monkey in a tree

Hi there!

Bright blue bird
Baby bird on elephant dung

Trying to blend in with the elephant dung upon which he is walking!

Cute baby bird

Such a wee cutie

Monkey in a tree
Monkey staring off into the distance


Spotted deer hiding in the long grass

It's Bambi!

Pink and white flowers

Beautiful cascade of flowers

Red flowers on a tree
Flock of birds in flight

Birds on the wing - hard to catch

Birds in flight

Not sure I really succeeded with this shot

Gharial crocodile


Brown and black bird
Deer in the forest

Hiding in the forest

Group of spotted deer in the forest

Cute family group

Two male spotted deer
Male spotted deer

A handsome chap

Family of spotted deer
A very large owl

Unimpressed to be awake at this hour



Sunlight streaming through trees

It's truly beautiful forest and I was lucky enough to spend the night in it. While we did see a tiger we could hear the deer warning each other about a predator in the area.

Sun behind trees

The sunrise early the next morning

Sunrise behind clouds over the river

Walking back to the river crossing the next morning

Sunrise over a glassy river

It was pretty magical to be out on the river this early

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