5th-6th of October 2019. After a few months of pretending to study and the two days of sitting surgical exams in Wellington (and wondering of course why I was sitting such exams in the first place at all!) It was good to blow off some steam with the first mountain trip in a while and in the excellent company of Rose Pearson, Andy Howell, Helen Liley, David Ayre and Hanno Snyman. Although man was I tired!
Also special thanks to Tara King and Lauren Beech for helping me study for and survive the exam!

Hanno on the lower slopes of Rabbiters Peak just after dawn

Tried to get a decent photo of David and Helen... this was the best I came up with.

David and Helen on the middle slopes of Rabbiters Peak, Gunsight Pass in the background.

Rose Pearson all kitted out

Lake Ohau from the higher slopes of Rabbiters Peak

Final slope to the ridge, cheers to Rose and Andy for machining up this and putting the ladder in!

View of Lake Ohau from the ridge

View of Aoraki for the summit

Summit team on summit!

Down the bottom looking back up at our peak

One of the first adventures with this beauty

Camp + Mountain = Good Time

Looking back after walking out the valley.

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