Easter adventure on the Kepler track with some wonderful friends from all over the country. A beautiful place and it was great to catch up with everyone.
2nd to 4th of April 2021.
The Kepler Track

The beautiful track

The Kepler Track

I took lots of photos of the track...

The Kepler Track

And another one

The Kepler Track

I promise this is the last!

Cute South Island Robin

Cute South Island Robin

The Kepler Track

And back to the track

Moss covered tree over the Kepler Track

It is a very cool tree, and the track

Wetland lookout

Wetland lookout, beautiful

Track through the bush

Back on the track

Red, blue and yellow Black Diamond packs

A primary rainbow of Black Diamond packs three abreast.

Climbing on top of a stump

Fierce Anna of Pride Stump in the Jungle Queen

Yellow mushrooms

Cool yellow mushrooms

South Island Robin

South Island Robin posing for a photo

Sun streaming into droopy moss forest

Drooping moss in the sun-lit forest

People crossing a board-walk in the forest

All the adventurers on a journey

People at sunset in the upper Iris Burn Valley

The upper valley at sunset, not far to go now

Charlotte lying on her pack in the middle of the track

Charlotte is very happy to be down, and not sure about the getting up and continuing on

Trampers heading up the Kepler Track

Up the hill we go on day two, Nick has found a stick.

Snowberry bush

A crown of snowberries

Scenic view with atmospheric sky

First view above the treeline, on a very atmospheric and windy day

Girl sitting on a rock looks out over the Iris Burn Valley

Charlotte surveys how far we've come

Rolling in tussock is fun

Charlotte lying in the tussock, having a truly excellent time

Tarn, tramper and ridgeline on the Kepler

Anna finds an atmospheric tarn near the track

Fishing in an alpine tarn

And tries her hand at fishing

Fishing in an alpine tarn, something on the line

Seems like she might have something!

Fishing in an alpine tarn

It's a very scenic location for fishing after all

Ridgeline Kepler track

Kepler track along the windy ridge

Scenic photo of the Kepler Mountains

Pretty stunning country around the Kepler

Trampers and Mt Luxmore

Trampers making their way towards Mt Luxmore

Inside the Luxmore Caves

Exploring the Luxmore Caves, need to go back with more time on our hands

Anna hanging upside down from a beam in the shelter

Anna putting my tent at risk in the shelter

Interesting moss ribbing pattern on a tree

Gorgeous moss ribbing

Video of our terrible trail singing just to keep everyone entertained

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