1st of January 2021, I finally fulfilled a goal to give canyoning a go. It was a great time. Can't wait to do it again, and glad to get some good and sometimes just interesting photos curtesy on my waterproof camera case.
Thanks Mel, Ricki and Kathryn Bunckenberg for having me along on this adventure! 

Great short sequences of an abseil.

Rushing water in the sun where we got in the canyon

Scrambling in a river!

Great scenes to be found in a canyon

Playing with water droplets on the waterproof camera case that lets me take it on such adventures - this was the first abseil.

Second abseil, involved a squeeze! Also loving the light in the spray.

Also cool with running water

Or super funky like this!

Kathryn Bunckenberg on a natural waterslide

Setting up the final abseil, can't wait to get in the that sun. It did start getting cold, despite the wetsuits and other warm gear.

Me getting on that final abseil, a full 50m!

It's a pretty long way to free-hang. Beautiful view though.

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