First adventure of the year when I was feeling super motivated 4th-5th of January. Must be the place though, because I was a little bit miserable at the end of the trip! Despite the excellent company of Oliver Edwards, Nick Dragunow, Mark Lewis and Annie Gilmour.
Was a pretty nice we jaunt with a classic West Coast feeling, some excellent misty ridges, a brief hunt for some greenstone and introduction for some to Permolat tracks and some beautiful bright orange huts!
Check out my ongoing attempts to make timelapses, and my links to some actual maps for a change, thanks to Gaia GPS. Hoping to actually be able to embed these soon.

This photo is mostly here to demonstrate how ridiculous Mark Lewis' legs are.

Team heading up the track - beautiful bush

Beautiful West Coast creek

Good old fashioned cable way, we crossed the river on our way back the next day. Which while possible certainly requires good river crossing skills and amenable conditions. The Hokitika is not to be trifled with.

It looks like Nick pushed Mark...

... then Mark fell in ...

... and Nick looks absolutely stoked about it!

And you can watch it all in timelapse! Spolier - Nick also falls in!

Oli the Red Bush in the Rata Red Bush

Rata in flower

Nick has found another rock!

Also suns out guns out... bigger guns than calves.

Looking for Greenstone

Miserable Ridge Permolat marker

Was a pretty nice track once we found the start.

Nice West Coast Ridge

Team Photo: Annie, Mark, Oli and Nick.

Check out the not very happy expression on Marks face in this photo and all the subsequent ones taken on the tops. At this point he was stressing about how long it was taking. Maybe he's afraid of the dark?

Damp West Coast summit photo, check out the spectacular view of the inside of a cloud and Mark's face.

Penzy, Annie, Oli and Nick in the back, Mark in the front, because this is the only way to fit him in a photo!

Tarn reflections

Nick on proper West Coast ridge decent

Group at Explorer Hut: Annie, Oli, Mark, Nick and Penzy

Classic Oli pose 'Check out my moustache' 

Also classic Oli pose, 'How about side on'

Oli waterslide timelapse - fast. I'm learning a lot, but as it cuts off the last few photos I need to take more photos in future...

Oli waterslide timelapse slow - in all it's glory

Heading out!

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