Day attempt at Mt Oates on the 14th of December 2019 with Helen Liley, Nick Dragunow, Sam Richardson and Flo. This ended up not quite going to plan when it started snowing near Lake Mavis. So after checking out the windy and slippery conditions on the ridge we decided that it was not the day. We headed down to Goat Pass Hut for a quick lunch and then salvage the day by adventuring out the Deception.
Biking the next day at Cragieburn was pretty good as well, although I don't yet trust myself with the camera on the bike!

Starting out, Helen and Sam heading for the Minga

Arthur's Pass is beautiful

Mt Cook Lilly

Look how far we've come

Always a cheeky kea

Heading towards Mt Oates, crossing the outlet of Lake Mavis

Lake Mavis

Nice light in the slightly more sheltered valley off the back of the ridge 

Helen absolutely stoked about going back down the mountain and out the Deception

Brightly coloured team stands out well on the Arthur's Pass scree, the descent was a lot quicker

Waterfall jumping heading down the Minga

Nick sticks the landing

Was stoked to find this Blue Duck, and finding him still enough to getting this running water shot

In fact it turns out that he sadly had a broken leg, so I nearly tripped over to him when I came out onto this creek bed as he couldn't really get away.

Was beautiful having such a close encounter with him, but not sure he'd feel the same way. We decided we'd probably do more damage to him by trying to take him out. Which with the weather closing in and uncertainty around whether he could feed himself or not was a pretty tough decision. We reported him to DoC but with river flooding the next day there wasn't a lot they could do, other than advise their staff to keep an eye out for him when next heading up the valley.

It's probably cheating taking close up photos of a Blue Duck when he's so still. The challenge is still the perfect moving water, swimming blue duck shot. 

I like this tree.

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