25th August 2018
Great day trip out up Mt Rolleston, headed up Rome Ridge and back down the Otira slide (as got a little too close to an avalanche!). No rope, but even managed to sneak quickly up some ice to the high peak.
Set out with Jaz Morris, Tom McKellar and Quinn Hornblow. Tanja de Wilde, James Waetford and Alexis Belton let us plug the steps and caught up near the gap. Met lots of other up there also!

Quinn admiring the light at dawn

Dawn breaks

Jaz and Tanja try an alternative more challenging route to the summit

A lone individual arrives through the summit mist

A busy summit of the low peak!

Setting out for the high peak

Brocken spectre on the high peak

Tom and Tanja on the high peak, James investigates an alternative route down. (Yes the photo does make it look like his peak is hgher, yes I am sure this is the summit).

Heading back down the high peak ridge, low peak in the background

Tanja and Tom clear the short ice section descending the high peak

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