Adventure up Single Cone on the 23rd of August with Patrick Clissold. Was a great time with beautiful mountains and I enjoyed the ski back down, but Pat not so much!

First sun on our objective, single cone on the left.

View done over The Remarkables Ski Area before it got moving for the day. Note Lake Alta where I started this year with a dip frozen and able to be walked across.

Pat doing the plugging at the base of the route

Part way up panorama

Looking out over Wye Creek

The Remarkables GT is a bit different in Winter

Queenstown, viewed from the appropriate distance

It really is a grand traverse

Summit panorama

Also the appropriate frame to view Queenstown


Yeh going to have to do that traverse again...

Time to ski down, not long after this Pat discovered that his ankle was still quite sore, so walking ended up being the better option.

Cloud arch!

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