8th - 9th September 2018
Great weekend mountaineering adventure, perfect for taking the edge off before being town bound for the next few weekends. Climbed via the Great Divide Route (2+), skis would have been a good addition to the packs... oh well next time!
Helen Liley, Shea Hickman, Toby Jackson

A group of ski tourers we knew setting out up to Mueller Hut from Wyn Irwin Lodge

Footstool from the valley, left peak. Sefton Biv is on top of the low ridge straight below the peak, route from there crosses the Tewaewae glacier around onto the Eugenie glacier and up the back snow slope from the divide.

The view doesn't change much but is always amazing, setting off up to Sefton Biv.

We pretty much took the summer route, as there was some concern about the seracs in stocking stream. Went ok, but lack of photos as hands being used for climbing!

That same old view and Sefton Biv! (and the pole which was the most valued player of the weekend!)

Sefton Biv sleeps ....6!! Cheers to Joel and Hans for being good sorts when 4 people showed up and rearranged the sleeping arrangements! Helen looks extra keen in this photo =) 

Dawn on the Eugenie, looking back at the shoulder from the Tewaewae.

Epic early morning sun and cloud on Aoraki, from the Eugenie

Sunrise on the Eugenie

Shea on the main divide contemplating the route ahead!

Another sunrise over another ridge!

Shea on the final mixed step to the summit proper!

The view back down!

Aoraki. But also wouldn't that be an epic ski run in the foreground!! Plus so much faster and nicer than all the downclimbing with snow balling up on the crampons, was a bit jealous of Joel and Hans at this point =)

Back down the Eugenie, this is shortly before Toby took a shortcut and found a crevasse! No harm done though... once the adrenaline wore off.

Shea and Toby contemplate that view!

Shea descending is Stocking Stream, our super chill route back down from Sefton Biv. Well chill, expect for the Seracs above us!

Classic Aoraki photo from the Hooker Valley!

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