As is probably pretty recognisable from the rest of this website I'm definitely adventure over destination holiday. But I guess Tara King suggesting it fairly last minute during a particularly exhausting run of shifts at work and then the fact we did actually know where we were going to go until we rocked up to the travel agent and booked our flights made it feel a lot like an adventure. Especially with my exceptionally poor french... and besides I needed to try just mellowing out for a bit (turns out I was doing prep for lockdown and quarantine later on this year). So I'm pleased to report that I can actually mellow for at least a few days, although it helps if you get me hungover and take me to a particularly remote island!
I added to the sense of adventure by finishing work after midnight on the Friday before we left and deciding that I absolutely had to have a waterproof case for my camera so I could take a photo of a turtle. This being challenging as we were leaving before the shops opened on Monday and I was working all weekend, and besides I couldn't find the one I wanted locally. So can't recommend PhotoGear highly enough for going to extra mile and getting it shipped to the collection point at Auckland International Departures for me to pick up on the way out of the country. Some truly epic organisational skills!
20th-24th January 2020. 

Sunset from our Hotel Balcony

Tara enjoying the balcony

Tara enjoying the sunset

Tara enjoying the wine at ile aux Canards in Anse Vata Bay across from our Hotel, before heading into the water to test the camera!

How's this for a first shot!

Some fish

Tara and some fish

Fish reflecting in the surface of the water

Black and white fish

Confused fish

Fish checking me out

Tara diving

Many small fish in coral

A different fish

Tara diving

Colourful fish

These were cool fish

A mixture of fish

More confused fish

Some other fish

Love the colour of this coral

These little fish kept trying to hide from me behind the sign

There they go!

Are they the same or different to these fish

So cool!

The only shark we saw the whole time!

Another great sunset from out balcony

Off to Ilot Signal with Coconut Taxi's, this was after I stopped being sick from being hungover... Thanks to the lovely receptionist at our hotel for putting in some calls and making this happen as it was a goal for us and nearly didn't happen despite all our careful planning. It's harder to find information about these boats than you'd think, particularly when your french is as bad as mine!

Ilot Signal - 90% chance of seeing turtles!

Walking around the Island

I like this approach to the boardwalk and the vegetation



Bird trying to drink our wine, this island really had it all.

We shared the island with no more than a dozen people, we were the only ones who didn't speak french and we had this little bay to ourselves all day.

TURTLE! Coming up for air, not a bad first shot!

Yeh there's many many photos of the turtle! - close up

Turtle swimming

Tara and the turtle

Tara looking smooth while diving

The water was beautiful, the sunburn less so.

My favourite fish again.

Tara in our bay

Me in our bay.

Better photo of Tara and the turtle

Turtle feeding, they literally didn't seem to care we were there.

Tara and the turtle 3

Tara and the turtle 4. Look at that cute face, the turtle... not Tara!

Close up

I think this might be the shot of the trip.

Giraffe fish?

A different fish

This grumpy sucker kept attacking us.

Blending in fish

Also blending in fish

Turtle coming up for air from above the water, you have no idea how many goes it took me to get this shot!

Going back down to feed after getting air

More fish

I mean seriously he would swim hard and fast at me to the point I'd flinch and he full on swam into Tara's leg!

Underwater selfie, the bubbles hide my selfie concentration face very nicely!

Diving into Baie des Citrons. Credit Tara

Tara selfie, she was a lot happier to be out here in day light. Several days earlier I made us swim out to the pontoon in the dark while drunk and there were most definitely sharks, not that we saw them. In the light today I got my exercise by swimming some laps between the pontoons. Some teenagers did warn me about a shark, possibly a white one? not that I saw anything. Credit Tara

Me diving. Credit Tara

Underwater selfie

Baie des Citrons

Sand ridges

A final selfie. The next day was Tara's birthday, we boarded our flight home, got diverted to Wellington, only got given a small thing of ice cream for lunch, flew back to Auckland and stood in a very long que, thus missing birthday drinks in Koru as well as our flight south. Luckily managed to get a last minute standby, so still made home for work the next day. Thanks heaps to James and Emily for making an extra trip to pick us up from the airport.

P.S and no my tan lines still haven't faded!

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