My first ever NZAC trip! Lead by the fantastic James Thornton and Nina Dickerhof, also tagging along were Jen Ormsbee, Rachel Smith and Kate Salmon. Weekend of the 6th- 7th of April, we headed off after work on Friday down to Mt Cook, nearly had a cold night out when our booking at Unwin Lodge somehow went missing, but  was all sorted out in the end.
Headed off early the next morning and managed to get both car successfully to Husky Flat, to save a significant amount of marching on the 4WD track. Crossing the Tasman was a bit more mellow than I'd been led to believe but getting on and off it on the far side was certainly interesting!
It was freezing cold at our snowy camp overnight, -8! Well we'd been for-warned I didn't actually think it through and so ended up there with my summer 400gm sleeping bag... oops, at least it was good to know I could survive a night in it in those conditions, but I was certainly happy to start moving early the next morning.
Novara Peak was probably relatively straight forward, but we decided to make it slightly more interesting, but going slightly the wrong way on the way up, which resulted in some fairly interesting scrambling. We found the straight forward way on the way back down to camp and then all that was left was to reverse the process back the way we'd come.
Side note, while the photo make it look pretty serene the near constant helicopter traffic, was pretty disruptive on the ground. You have been warned!

Setting off from Husky Flat, doesn't a view like that just inspire you for the adventure ahead.

Great light on the new washout on Husky Flat

The washout on Husky flat, and the new view of the Tasman glacier and lake that can now be had.

The washout and Tasman Lake

Ditto, look at those scree walls!

Heading down Garbage Gully onto the Tasman Moraine

The moraine ahead and the gully we used to access the other side in the middle

Jen conquers the moraine in front of Aoraki 

Lunch spot ahead, I wonder if anyones put up good remote bouldering route on that boulder?

Tea at lunch, adventure with Nina and James sure is luxurious.

Looking back and where we've come

Reflections on the tarn at camp!

Nina destroying the tarn reflections

First snow of the year, so exciting... hence random photos of snow on grass, but isn't it nice?

Rainbow Camp

Rachel looking fabulous!

Settling in for one long cold night

First light panorama of Aoraki and beyond, biggest panorama I've put together yet!

Sunrise on Aoraki and Sefton

Sunrise on Sefton

Sunrise on Aoraki

Where the Murchison skirts around the Tasman has always looked like a very interesting feature on a map, and didn't disappoint from up above either. 

Summit shot, James Thornton, Penzy Dinsdale, Kate Salmon, Jen Ormsbee, Rachel Smith and Nina Dickerhof

Returning to camp

A long way back out

That view is still pretty sweet though!

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