Four day adventure 12th-15th of January 2020 with Nick Dragunow, an attempt to repeat my climb on Mt Aspiring and a first attempt for Nick.
Conditions were absolutely perfect and the sense of satisfaction for even just a partial climb was better than my first climb of the mountain. Hard to explain why though.
Unfortunately I sabotaged us, by taking some leftover GODZone snacks with me I managed to give myself food poisoning and thus we made the difficult decision to turn around on a perfect summit day. But had at least done all of the more challenging parts of the climb of the NW ridge via the Kangaroo Patch.
It was pretty amazing to have Colin Todd Hut to ourselves before the climb, and leave for a sleep out under the trees in the valley just as things began to get busy in the Hut.

Day 1 - found an infrequently used rock biv, after much back and forth in the scrub and the rain.
Day 2 - up to Colin Todd Hut via Bevan Col
Day 3 - Our attempt to get up to the summit before disaster struck, see photos to assess misery! Not sure why the GPS track was bouncing all the over the place!
As we descended via the same route I didn't create tracks going back down the mountain.

Homestead Peak in the lower Matukituki Valley, we set out in nice weather which was exciting for the forecast was not great, but of course as we went further up the conditions deteriorated significantly!

Very interesting bridge signage

At least rain means cute little waterfalls

Until someone gets in there to ruin it, thanks Nick

Upper West Matukituki River

The Rock Biv after we eventually found it after bashing up several creek beds. To find this Biv, keep an eye out for a distance white cairn on top of it as you head up the track. Keep an idea of where it is and head up the next dry creek bed. There are occasional cairns, but it's best just to keep an eye on where the Biv is and bash towards it. While it is harder to get to, it is nicer and more waterproof than Scott's Biv, which is easily found at the end of the track, further up valley than where is it marked, as our navigation to it was fruitless that evening, but we did find it without trying at the end of the track the next day.

Thanks to Nick for this photo of me in the Biv

Nick keeping warm in the Biv, nice and dry, but the scrub wasn't particularly good for lighting a fire.

View out from the Biv

Nick stoked with the weather in the valley the next morning

Nick scrambling up Bevan Col

Nick found another Rock Biv higher up above the waterfall

Love the rock sculpting by the river on the traverse

Nick and the first view of Mt Aspiring heading over Bevan Col

Partially frozen lake on Bevan Col

Tititea from Bevan Col, interesting colour on the glacier from the Bushfires in Australia

Nick on the Bonar Glacier

Tititea and the North West Ridge

Nick admires tomorrows goal from Colin Todd Hut

Ice fall at the end of the Bonar Glacier

Kea visit!

Look at those colours

Shame about the missing tail-feather of this lovely juvenile in flight

View out over the glacier from the hut

Enjoying Bevan Col Hut - thanks to Nick for the photo

That is one dirty glacier

Nick heading up towards the NW ridge at first light

Misery food poisoning face - thanks Nick for photo

Nick looks much happier that I did

Still miserable, cold and dizzy is not a great way to descend this ridge

Nick leads back across the glacier

Heading back down the Bevan Col route, we gathered up a lost Australian who had bitten off slightly more than he could chew and found himself at the top of the Bevan Col route. He was very pleased for our assistance.

Waterfall at the bottom of the waterfall route

A last view of Tititea for the valley floor on the walk out

The Matukituki Valley seemed extra splendid on this walk out

Aspiring Hut and the West Matukituki Valley

I think this might be the shot of the trip. Spotted this baby bird on the walk out. Lay down to get a series of shots , but only managed to get this one before it flew away. But stoked with how it turned out. Sometimes, not often in photography, you take just one perfect shot.

The trees seemed to be exceptionally green on this day

Loving the contrast in the greens

Another baby bird, must be the season!

Rob Roy glacier - this track is shut at the moment due to damage. But even so I think this might be the best view I've ever had of the glacier. Closer is not always better!

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