It was after lockdown, I was still living and working shift work on the West Coast , thus I was willing to travel great distances for the promise of laying my skis on the snow. From the 13th- 15th of July I did just that, I headed up to Rex Simpson Hut (privately owned and available for booking through Alpine Recreation) with David Lyons Ewing. To be joined later that evening by Shona Logue and Graham Dawson. The company and scenery was excellent, as was the wine and cheese platter. 
The snow very variable so the skiing was fairly interesting and unfortunately it managed to get a hold on Shona and do some damage to her knee. A real trooper though, she determinedly made it all the way back to the hut and most of the way out the next day, despite being barely able to walk, and entirely unable to ski. 

The route of our fateful ski tour

There's a real art to packing a ski touring pack - as demonstrated by David.

David, once finally packed, searching for snow

The way to Camp Stream Hut, scene of several previous ski touring adventures for me, but it was exciting to try something new and there wouldn't have been the snow to ski from Camp Stream this season.

Rex Simpson Hut

MacKenzie country under the night sky, one of the few night photos I've semi-pulled off. The very bright lights just right of centre are Shona and Graham approaching.

It's Big Sky Country around here.

What you can see in this photo is an injured Shona being piggy backed on skis by Graham. There was an optimal gradient for this method of transport. - don't try it at home!

Sunset as we arrived back at the Hut

David, with the wine and all of the cheese!

Graham and David on the walk out, Graham is also carrying Shona's skis.

David is very photogenic in a variety of settings.

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