Fresh snow on a round table with a smiley face and 2021 RIMF

Fresh snow to start the weekend off #RIMF2021

Climbers walking uphill in deep snow and shadows

Climbers heading up to the Ice climbing in deep powder and shadows

Climbers walking uphill in deep snow and shadows, black and white photo

Climbers in shadows

Close up of Sooji Clarkson, in the mountains

Sooji, excellent Chicks'n'Picks instructor

Climbers heading up to Single Cone in The Remarkables

Heading up to the Ice

Sun rising over the ridge at The Remarkables

Sun rising over the ridge at The Remarkables

Gemma in the foreground, climbers in the distance

Our awesome women heading off in the distance, awesome instructor Gemma in the foreground.

Black and white photos of climbers shadows in the snow

Climber Shadows

Climbers at the top of Wye Valley

Heading down the other side

Sooji Clarkson surveying the scenary

Sooji surveying the scenary

Black and white photo of rocks in windswept snow

Rocks, wind and snow on the ridge

Close up of Sooji Clarkson in the mountains

Sooji looking forward to a great day

Black and White photo of rocks and snow above Wye Creek

Rocks and snow above Wye Creek

Climbers at the base of Touchdown Ice Climbing

Touchdown, climbers at the base of the ice climbing

Colourful climber lined up at the base of the ice, learning to use tools

Learning how to use the tools on the Ice

Climber taking on her first ice climb

First ice climbs with the ice spraying

Learning to Ice Climb


Bianca Bratton ice climbing

Bianca, swinging those tools!

Ice climbers and belayers

We love ice

Climbers heading into the sun

Leaving into a sun star over the ridge after a great day out!

Dramatic lighting over The Remarkables ridge

Cloud and sun over The Remarkables ridge

Black and white photo, snow, rocks, clouds and just a little sun

Cookies and cream

Brightly coloured climbers putting on crampons in the snow

Day two, in inclement weather, putting crampons on to reach the mixed climbing crag

Brightly coloured climbers in the snow

So many bright colours!

Bianca Bratton in the snow


Climber in the snow

Ngaire in the snow

Bianca Bratton mixed climbing

Bianca stoked to be at the crag

Climber admiring the crag

Admiring the crag

Sooji Clarkson, at The Remarkable skifield

Sooji arriving at the crag, Remarkables base building behind

Brightly coloured belayers at the base of the climbing crag

The belay team

Bianca Bratton as the ice axe slips mixed climbing

Bianca, in that moment when the ice axe slips while mixed climbing

Bianca Bratton abseiling

Bianca looks pretty stoked

Wind blowing snow over the ridge, visible distant mountains beneath the cloud

Wind over the distant ridge

Black and White photo, distant mountain and wind blowing the snow over the ridge

Even better in Black and White

Ngaire ice climbing

Ngaire on the pointy end

Climber mixed climbing

Wako mixed climbing

Ngaire mixed climbing in a crack

Ngaire in the crack

Climber tackling a difficult move mixed climbing

Wako tackling the bulge

Hanging rest mixed climbing

Hanging rest!

Bianca Bratton mixed climbing

Bianca mixed climbing

Bianca Bratton Mixed Climbing

Bianca power move

Gavin Lang photographer

Gavin Lang, the official RIMF photographer, check out his stuff!

Climber in an awkward position mixed climbing

Wako climbing into the cave

Wako mixed climbing

Wako in an interesting position

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