Sometime last year I got talked into an all day bike ride, visiting the community gardens across Christchurch city, with Jen Rouse and Finn Le Seur. This turned out to be a good thing, as I ended up winning a voucher for two on the Big Day Out on the West Coast Wilderness Trail and thus dragged Jen and Finn along on mountain bike for a change! Was a lovely ride, with an obligatory stop at Cowboys Paradise, for that 'I'm about to be murdered and buried in an underground bunker feel!'
20th March 2021.
West Coast lake reflection

Classic West Coast reflection

Two people by an historic dam on a river

Jen and Finn checking out an historic dam site.

Three bike on the West Coast Wilderness Trail

Bikes on the trail.

Two people biking over a bridge, West Coast Wilderness Trail

Jen and Finn and bikes on a bridge!

View down into a deep gulch off a bridge

Lovely West Coast gulch!

Portrait over a mountain biker

Finn is having a great day out, matching his blue bike!

Two mountain bikers pause on a corner of the West Coast Wilderness Trail, to admire the view

Yet another scenic pause.

A blue mushroom

A great New Zealand native

A blue mushroom

So blue

Black and white photo of a couple at Lake Kaniere

Finn and Jen at Lake Kaniere

Black and white photo of Lake Kaniere

Lake Kaniere in greyscale

Reflections of ferns in a still creek

Confusing at this photo is, the absolute clarity and detail of the reflection to the sky in this creek by the track was just amazing.

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