Post night shift adventures - you feel really good setting out after a good nights sleep, but the quickly wonder why you feel so tired and unfit on the very first hill you encounter. Oh that's right, night shift!
Mellow adventures such as our overnight womble to Carrol Hut, definitely do have their advantage. 2nd-3rd of June 2020, featuring a visit from Andrea Brewster and the cutest couple Annie Gilmour and David Lyons Ewing!

Annie and Andrea on our morning womble up towards Kelly HIll

It looks like you could step of the end of that hill onto the mist at the end of the world

Annie and the atmospheric conditions west of Arthur's Pass

What a plateau

Carroll Hut nestled just on the edge of it!

Trying to capture the texture of the sky

Annie and David - cutest couple

It's a pretty scenic track - we had arrived after dark in clouds the day before so hadn't see it! 

It really does feel like it could be the end of the world

Absolutely stunning tree and absolutely stunning friend!

Yeh they are just cute!

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