Wee solo mission I did 23rd-24th of October 2021. I don't really love solo missions, as I miss the teamwork and camaraderie. But needs must, I needed to get out in the hills to restore some sense of balance in life and couldn't find anyone keen to join me. 
Black and white selfie of a tramper

Selfie - I've been working on my selfie-concentrating-face and it seems to be improving!

Four DoC arrows pointing inwards

Interesting DoC signage on the track

View of forest and mountains in Fiordland

The track actually runs flat around the base of this hill, but I decided to go over it, packraft and all, to get a view!

Two trampers with DoC signage in the Fiordland bush

It was a good thing I did, because I met my friend's mum on the track!

Black and White photo in the Fiordland bush

Closer to the hut the weather closed in as the trees did. It was quite atmospheric!

Three-wire bridge, Fiordland

Just a casual three-wire bridge

White moss

It's not frost in this hollow, but I have no idea what it is.

Black and White photo of Lake Manapouri with mountains behind

Lake Manapouri with cloudy mountains behind, it was a little bit too windy for me to want to packraft back around the lake alone, so I kept walking.

Twisting tree

Beautiful twisting tree

Bracket fungi on a tree

I always love these fungi, and here they practically make a step ladder

Lichen on a tree

Beautiful lichen

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