22nd-24th February 2022, I was lucky to go join a Kea Conservation Trip in the Matukitukit Valley, catching a sampling from the local keas, of which there were quite a few young ones! Also, as always, it's a beautiful valley. 
Matukituki Valley in dramatic lighting

Heading up the Matukituki Valley with some threatening weather.

Rain in the Matukituki Valley

It appears that it might be raining higher up the valley

Rain in the Matukituki Valley

It is lovely though

Black and White photo of rain in the matukituki valley

Also, cool in black and white

Fledgling Kea

Handsome young fella!

Two fledgling keas attacking a croc

A pair having a taste of my croc!

Two fledgling keas attacking a croc

Very handsome boys

Juvenile kea grooming

Grooming time


Not a kea. But a lovely shot of a Tomtit/Miromiro

Kea and kea proof tap

A demonstration of why we need kea-proof taps at our remote huts

Fledgling kea

On the roof

Close up of Fledgling kea

Up close and personal

Fledgling kea

He's enjoying this

Close up of fledgling kea

Attempted roof destruction

Fledgeling kea


Black and white photo of a kea in a tree

A kea in a tree

View of Matukituki Valley from Aspiring Hut

Stunning view looking up the valley from Aspiring Hut

View of Mt Aspiring/Tititea

Mt Aspiring/Tititea

Upper Matukituki Valley

Upper Matukituki Valley

Liverpool Hut, Matukituki Valley

View of Liverpool Hut

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