20th-22nd October 2018, Labour weekend.
Opted for a fairly chill tramping trip, leaving Christchurch Saturday morning, we headed up over Mt Arthur and found a chill campsite on it's flank. Sunday we wander out to the Tablelands and set up camp there, checking out Sphinx Cave on the way, although you couldn't get very far with the gear we had. Half the party went for an afternoon wander out to Mt Peel. Monday we wandered out past all the amazing rock bivvy's that we could have stayed in instead!
Penzy Dinsdale, Sarah Hamilton, Danny Kingan, Andy Hall, Katie Skinner, Izaak Wybourne

Heading towards Mt Arthur

Cool Limestone rock, still heading towards Mt Arthur

Heading through an alpine meadow towards Mt Arthur

Getting on to the Mt Arthur summit ridge. This section was fairly steep and not without risk, but clearly had been well tracked. Always interesting how people perceive risk differently in different places.

Looking across to the Tablelands and Mt Peel from Mt Arthur

Sunset on Danny's knob, from camp

Campsite below Mt Arthur

Heading towards the Tablelands on Sunday

Sneaking through the bushes

Up close and personal, although not in perfect focus

Fun with Weka

More fun with Weka

Sphinx Creek

Fairly perfect place to grow if you are a tussock bush in Sphinx gorge

Finally on the Tablelands

Sarah and Zak heading back from our afternoon jaunt up Mt Peel

Katie and Zak enjoying the sunset

Enjoying a sunset camp fire. Most concerned I've ever been about fire risk though!!!

Dry Rock Shelter!

Found a Whio

Who would like to have a sleep... if I could please just back off so he didn't have to watch me...

Seriously back off!

Isn't he gorgeous though!

More fun with waterfalls and a pretty good swimming hole

Lower Gridiron shelter; featuring multiple stories and a swing!

Although as Danny demonstrates,  swing is difficult to get back off!

Upper Gridiron Shelter, serious if I was staying if the area I don't know which one is cooler and ergo which one I'd stay at!

Danny. Photo by Sarah Hamilton

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