First post-GODZone trip, surprisingly I was feeling pretty good and amped to get back out in the hills, basically bouncing up the Hawdon Valley. Unfortunately was not still feeling that great the next day, after chipping my tooth and giving myself food poisoning. Then I was not feeling so good and Shea pretty much had to rescue me!!
The East Hawdon was lovely though, excellent swimming holes, and cute wee biv. Also particularly enjoyed the view from Helicopter Hill, not in the least because it meant the ordeal was nearly over. (And I'm the Savannah would usually be pretty cool too).
Rachael Horner and Jeff Ducrot also tagged along, but also had the good sense not to tackle the Savannah Range!
23rd- 24th of March 2019

View up the Hawdon in the morning mist. Was a pretty popular valley that morning, but luckily none heading where we were heading.

Travel in the East Hawdon

How I was feeling as soon as we hit the tops of the Savannah Range

The view I was not really appreciating

Yep... feeling fantastic!

The view from Helicopter hill was pretty fantastic though!

Shea, my valiant rescuer. We will have to go back to climb Mt Valiant, which we cut off, when I started feeling rubbish.

More from Helicopter Hill


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