So this year for Queen's Birthday, I was banned from doing anything seriously fun, so instead I accepted a role as driver and trip photographer for a Charleston Rock Climbing expedition, because if you have to sit an watch you might as well do it on the West Coast! In classic style the one big June snow storm, that makes you think it's going to be a great winter hit that weekend, delaying our start for a few hours. But Helen Liley, David Ayre, Tim Hargrave, Ben Mangen, Jamie Macalister and Luke were very committed so we made it in the end for an excellent 2.5 day adventure 1st-3rd June 2019

Jamie setting up the first access abseil

A classic Aotearoa landscape, check out the excellent dusting of snow on those mountain tops!

Jamie leads the first climb, looks almost like he climbed directly out of the broiling mess of the ocean

West Coast views!

Jamie points out the traversing and climbing cracks of Shark's Breakfast to Ben and Luke. Much of the afternoon was spent on this iconic route, and while the sea did get, thankfully no sharks!

All 6 climbers, 1 photo

An intrepid trio starting out on Shark's Breakfast, as the waves threaten to get the route and mid-belay station wet.

When you don't know what to do, so your belayer climbs up beside you to offer advice!

Weekend self-portrait

Jamie makes progress

Alone with the waves

Jamie nearly gets wet at the mid-belay station... among other things happening in this photo. It's almost the Where's Wally of Charleston

Tidy looking traverse line

Love the power of the waves on the rocks!

Helen bossing it as always

And we just missed sunset on the drive back through Castle Hill, but still an epic lookout

Castle Hill, snow and wispy cloud! Some would say it's bouldering season, I'm still waiting for ski season!

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