When the avalanche risk is too high, the weather too marginal and you all round just want a chill time. Head to the Pisa Range! Great wee local spot to Wanaka. Headed up to Kirtle Burn Hut for an overnighter with Emily Wilson 29-30th July 2022. 
'Just doing our thing in the whiteout.' - Emily Wilson 29th July 2022
Skier approaches snow narrow bridge over a river

Emily approaching the bridge leaving Snow Farm. Rivers often present a bit of a challenging obstacle when ski touring, but here, problem solved!

Emily Wilson approaching Kirtle Burn Hut

Emily heading towards Kirtle Burn Hut, that's just come into view in the whiteout. Clearly it already has occupants - or new friends to be made!

Kirtle Burn Hut in winter

It just looks so polar!

Four skiers having a good time

New friends made!

The Pisa Range

Even though it's a small range boarded on four sides by roads, it's still possible to feel like you are alone in the mountains.

Skier in the Pisa Range

The mountains just go on!

Emily Wilson skiing in the Pisa Range

Emily Wilson ready to make the next turn

Emily Wilson skiing in the Pisa Range

Emily Wilson kicking up that white powder!

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