An adventure 27th-31th of January 2022 with my Dad. Five passes is a classic off-track route that's becoming quite popular, and you can see why. It's a beautiful adventure with some lovely campsites and rock bivy's and some very friendly wildlife. It was a privilege to get to return to such a wonderful route and share it with my Dad.
Lake Sylvan

Lake Sylvan

Lower Dart Valley

Lower Dart valley

New Zealand Robin on a Kindle

Thinks he's found a bookworm in my Kindle!

Close up South Island Robin

Very friendly Robin

South Island Robin

South Island Robin

Robin on my leg

Not at all scared of me... that's where the sandflies were after all

Upper Beansburn

Dad heading up the upper Beansburn

Fohn Lakes

Fohn Lakes

Close up of multi-coloured moss

Mini moss world! I love all the different colours in this majestic carpet.

View from Fohn Lakes

Looking down from Fohn Lakes

Gorge near the Olivine Ledge

Beautiful gorge running onto the Olivine Ledge

Fiery Col from the Olivine Ledge

Dad looking up to Fiery Col from the Olivine Ledge

Looking back to the Olivine Ledge

Looking back to the Olivine Ledge

Alpine butterfly

Alpine Butterfly

Aarn pack on Fiery Col, Five Passes

Me on Fiery Col with my Aarn pack - which was great on this adventure!

Hidden Falls Creek

Beautiful forest in Hidden Falls Creek

Cairn in the bush

The elusive bush cairn - heading up to Park Pass

Park Pass Rock Biv - Rockburn

Park Pass rock biv - one of my favourites. Spent a wonderful night here years ago in a thunderstorm, stayed dry and it was stunning to watch.

Theatre Flat Rockburn

Comically round bush copse - Theatre Flat in the Rockburn

Dick Dinsdale drinking tea

Dad drinking tea at theatre flat

Kea in flight

Kea on the wing, the colours are beautiful if blurred - one day I'll get a perfect kea on the wing photo

Sugarloaf Pass - the final pass on this adventure

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