A kea catching trip in Arthur's Pass National Park with the Kea Conservation Trust from 12th to 16th January 2022. I'm looking forward to more trips like this in the coming years!
Spaniard flower

The Spaniards are in flower

Alpine tarn

A wonderful spot to camp and catch kea

Alpine herb jungle

I love this collection of little plants, the mini jungle!

Male kea

A pretty boy

Make kea

A ruffled boy

Sunset panorama

Colours of the sunset

Evening light on the mountains

Evening golden hour on the mountains

West Coast Sunset

A West Coast sunset

Sunset panorama

Another panorama

Golden Hour

Golden hour lighting

Golden hills

What a beautiful range!

Kea Catching

Trying to catch a tricky one!

Male Kea

Who's handsome?

Kea loosing a feather

A scruffy boy, we caught and banded him, but he still didn't lose that feather!

Male Kea


Ruffled kea

Comically ruffled!

Male Kea

Very serious

Alpine campsite

Wonderful campsite for catching birds!

Ray of light

A finger of light across the mountains

Camp in the mountains

Hanging out at kea camp, waiting for the birds to come 



Sunset at camp

Sunset at camp

Stunning sunset

The sky is amazing!

Stunning sunset


Stunning sunset



It just keeps going!

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