Although I'd had been there recently on GZ, on 30th -31st of March 2019, Shea Hickman, Helen Liley, Rachael Horner, Jeff Ducrot, Rachel and Baker and I went for a bike-packing adventure up the Poulter. 
Is a pretty lovely bike up there, with a few more challenging sections, that mostly involved loose gravel. Not a huge amount of photos were, mostly because I was boosting it trying to keep with with Shea the machine!
We left our bikes at Trust Poulter Hut for the night, and walked the final hour to Poulter Hut. We went for an evening saunter up to Lake Minchin, and a quick swim before heading back for a fantastic gourmet dinner in the Hut. 

Helen rocking the cool biker chick look, pushbike styles!

Heading to Poulter Hut

Helen displaying exceptional balance skills at Lake Minchin

Rachel displaying balance skills on the way back from Lake Minchin

Great light in the valley upon leaving Poulter Hut the next morning

Still great!

Looking back up the Poulter

Helen still pulling off cool biker chick look at the end of the trip!

Trying to get a group photo with all the bike in the air...

... still trying

Group photo; Penzy, Rachel, Jeff, Rachael, Shea and Helen, and our reliable steeds!

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