6th-9th February 2022, featuring a beautiful place, stunning camping, an outrageous sunset, lots of black and white photography, some rock wren and some amazing people. Lottie Armstrong, Sarah Mockett, Rowan Cox. 
A trip to this amazing range has been a long time coming so I was stoked when it lined up with such amazing people and weather. Although the river did try hard to keep us out the first day.
Waitaha Valley river bed trampers

Heading up the fickle and slightly flooded Waitaha

Tramper climbing the bank by the flooded Waitaha river

Climbing up around the river bank, this is the track, but the river normally doesn't flow quite this high, close or dirty.

Scamper Torrent Hut

Scamper Torrent Hut - stunning wee spot for the night

Old bottle - Scamper Torrent Hut

Just one of the old bottles in the aged and interesting medical cupboard in Scamper Torrent Hut

Tramper in Scrub

Route finding beyond Scamper Torrent up to the ridge line was scrubby and bluffy at times, as Lottie is demonstrating.

Waterfall in Scrub

A wee torrent we happened upon in the scrub

Tramper regarding Scamper Torrent

Sarah looking back at some of the terrain in Scamper Torrent

Scamper Torrent and Waitaha view

Scamper torrent below, the hut is on the flat, with the Waitaha flowing out to the sea beyond

Trampers looking at map

Important consultation of the map as we near Mt Durward

Hunter in black and white

Loving the textures of this black and white photo

Smyth range and Waitaha

Looking along the Smyth range and down the Waitaha

Smyth range panorama

Smyth Range Panorama

Smyth Range Geology

Some of the really interesting features of the Smyth Range

Smyth Range Black and White

Smyth Range black and white

Black and White Tramper approaching Lake

Found a camping lake, Rowan heads down to check it out. Amazing texture in the Lake

Lord Range

View from Camp

3 people at a stunning campsite

View of camp with 3 hungry trampers enjoying dinner

Beautiful Lord Range

The sky just keeps making the Lord Range more spectacular

Two trampers enjoying the view

Rowan and Sarah enjoying the view

Looking for Rock Wren

Spotting the Rock Wren

Looking for Rock Wren

Lottie looking for rock wren

West Coast Sunset

And then the sun began to set...

Interesting clouds

Love the cloud whirl

Sunset over the Lord Range

Sunset over the Lord Range

Beautiful clouds

It's basically a golden cloud arch!

Sunset clouds

The colours just keep getting more intense







Cloud Whirl

And back to the cloud whirl


More sunset

Tramper in front of sunset

Taking a closer look

Clouds on fire

Clouds on fire

Tramper taking sunset photos

Sarah also taking sunset photos!

Intense sunset

Intense sunset!

Two trampers admiring the sunset

Still admiring the sunset


So many beautiful photos




With the cloud whirl


Loving the blending colours

Three admiring the sunset

Three admiring the sunset

Looking across to Lord Range

Looking back at our lake edge campsite and the range that starred in last night's photography

Black and White three trampers heading towards the Kea Glacier

Heading towards the Kea Glacier

Rock textures and the kea glacier

Rock textures and the kea glacier

Happy tramper on glacier

Rowan on top of the Kea Glacier

Happy tramper on a glacier

Posing for a photo

Tramper in a black and white landscape

Looking back on where we came from

Tramper in tussock

Tussock again, heading back down to the Waitaha

Black and white rocks and sand

Rocks and sand in the Waitaha river valley

Weather closing in in the Waitaha valley

Getting chased out of the Waitaha by impending weather

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