So finally back out on adventures, with slight caveat that I now only have mostly random mid-week days off. Still just as behind on photos as ever though. So here's great wee, close to Christchurch adventure, that Mark Lewis and I tackled just after Winter Solstice. Stoked to have made it the whole way in daylight and luckily with just enough light left at the far end to hitch a ride back to the start (totally a solid plan, whatever Mark might say about it!) Still waiting for more snow though... 
24th - 25th June 2019

The mist starts to clear in the Waimakariri Valley , revealing the amazing mountain above

Mark makes getting onto the swing bridge look awkward.

Gorge in the upper Wamakariri River

Yeh I don't think Mark realised how good the zoom was when he photo bombed this photo...

Brief night photography session at Waimakariri Falls Hut

Yeh needs a bit more snow still!

But at least the upper Waimakariri was frozen!

Topping out on the Col (although technically we went over the saddle West of the actual Col)

Sometimes Black and White just works

Sunburst on the Col

View out down the Rolleston

Selfie time!

Mark also makes the scree in the upper Rolleston look awkward, but in fairness it was exceedingly awkward terrain.

Further down the valley we found some great patches that hadn't seen the sun in days, Mark was clearly very happy about this.

At least happier than he was a few hours later when we were standing on the side of the road waiting for a ride...

Some maps of the adventure!

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