Getting out and experiencing the early snows April 24th-25th 2021 with some new adventure buddies. Thanks, heaps to Tarsh Turner, Nik Foster and Jamie McAulay for having me along, even though I missed the biv. 
Conditions were definitely adventurous even though our plans became less adventurous as we picked our way along snow-blasted tops!
Heading up above Lake Alta from The Remarkables skifield

Heading up above Lake Alta from The Remarkables skifield

Full panorama of Lake Alta in a dusting of snow

Full view of Lake Alta

Tramper on the saddle above Lake Alta

About to drop off the saddle into Wye Creek basin

View of Lake Alta and The Remarkables Skifield

Last look into Lake Alta and the skifield

Two trampers in upper Wye basin

Jamie and Tarsh at the top of Wye Basin, such as cool landscape

View of Upper Wye Basin

Aiming to traverse the range we can see. Looks good, actively snowing and biting wind, nothing is going to stop us now!

Lakes in the upper Wye Basin with a dusting of snow

Lunch lakes in upper Wye Basin

Two trampers and a lake in the upper Wye Basin, tussock, snow and rocks

Tussock, snow and rocks. The Remarkables classic trio.

Looking across the upper Wye Basin

Looking back where we came from

Two trampers descending into Wye Creek

Deciding it's windy and snowing and actually camping in the valley or the rock biv is probably nicer...

Black and while image taken from under a rock overhang, featuring heavy rain drops, spainards and distant snow covered range

Hanging out under our rock shelter the next morning looking back the way we had come

Photo from under a rock overhang, rain drops, spaniards and snow feature

Same photo in colour. I think I like the texture of the black and white though

Tramper heading out of Wye Basin in inclement weather

Heading out down Wye Creek

Two trampers heading out of wye creek in a snowstorm

Or rather being driven out by driving stinging snow! - I loved every minute of this adventure

Black and white of storm clouds and sun fingers over Lake Wakatipu

Epically ominous lighting over Lake Wakatipu on our way out

Storm clouds and sun over Lake Wakatipu

Yeh - it's not as good in colour

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