1st attempt at a S-K traverse of the Tararuas, 4th-5th May 2019... I say first because we ended up having to bail out to Otaki Forks and so Kathryn Bunckenburg, Nicola Kirkham and I will certainly have to had another crack at it sometime. Perhaps when there is a little more daylight, slightly less mist, wind and rain (if that's ever possible in the Tararuas), and I haven't nearly missed my flight in top panic...

Nicola and Kathryn at the start of our journey admiring the map!

On the ridge at sunrise

Sunrise when the mist rolls in

More mist and ridges in the Tararuas

And now just mist in earnest

Beautiful forest thought.... don't tell anyone but we accidentally did a 180 in it while trying to reach the next hut. Oops!

Dracophyllum Hut

Proof that I was actually in the Tararuas, Nicols Hut. Where we made the difficult decision where that we were going to have to bail...

Nicola, Kathryn and I, at Otaki Forks

The start of our S-K attempt, we ended up having a few hours of nap at the first Hut, I was pretty wacked after the crazy work day I had!

We ended up turning off after Mt Crawford and had another hut nap before heading out the next morning, the blue line is the line we would have taken if we had continued. Despite being a relatively short adventure I think I can honestly say I was more tired after this adventure than after GODZone and lower coming down from Mt Crawford than at any point during GODZone either. Funny how much of a difference mental state makes...

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