Wee adventure remembering the old OUTC times, by returning to The Clears, just past Tautuku Biv in the Catlins. With Max Olsen, Leon Billows and Anna Murdoch, just before Max embarked on his next big overseas adventure.
23rd -24th January 2021
Bush in the Catlins

Catlins scenes.

Rata flower on the forest floor

The rata flower was everywhere

Tramper on the Tautuku Biv Track

Anna on the trail

More rate caught on trees

 The rate bedecked forest viewed from up a tree

I mean it's basically a carpet at this stage

Rata caught in bark

I might slowly be improving at this forest photography thing

The first of the The Clears

Camp cooking at the camping Clear

The rata is still very red

Sunsetting on interesting clouds

Max, Leon and Anna just chilling at camp

Sunset around the fire

Fire photography

Billy tea

What a great tea pot!

Anna getting cozy with her cup of tea - or more probably at this stage, wine.

Catching a spark

Max and his axe

The forest floor here is all the work of the very large tree at the back - it's a beautiful tree.

Max portrait at Tautuku Biv

Spoon at Tautuku Biv

Leopard patterned tree

Anna and a natural tree arch on track!

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