The Dusky track, an 8-10 day long epic adventure of mud, slogging, rain, classic Fiordland travel and 3-wire bridges. Only Nicola, Katy and I decided to knock it out in 5 days of perfect weather, with no mud, fast-packing and training for GODZone at the start of the year. 6th-10th of January 2022.
Tramper on a 3 wire bridge, Dusky Track

Katy on one of many 3-wire bridges encountered on the track.

3-wire bridge, Dusky Track

Another 3 wire bridge

Two trampers sitting on a 3-wire bridge

Katy and Nicola balanced on yet another 3-wire bridge

Lone tramper by Lake Roe

Lone tramper by Lake Roe

Lake Roe, Dusky Track

Mist, tussock and Lake Roe

Mist over Lake Roe, Dusky Track

It was clearly a very good day everywhere other than the mist at Lake Roe

Lake Roe, Dusky Track

Loving Lake Roe


Sundew - NZ native carnivorous plant


Another sundew

Dusky track tops - Lake Horizon

Dusky Tops panorama - Lake Horizon

Dusky Track tops - Lake Horizon

Dusky Tops panorama - Lake Horizon

View Dusky Sound

First view of Dusky sound from the track, we'd be there by late afternoon

Loch Maree

Loch Maree - a fascinating feature when we took a closer look

Refreshing Stream

Cute refreshing stream

Loch Maree Forest - Dusky Track

Loch Maree was created by a landslide, causing the forest to flood, with the low lake levels we got to appreciate the old forest

Loch Maree - Dusky Track

You can even appreciate where the river used to run in the forest

Waterfall on the Dusky Track

Lovely waterfall

Supper Cove Dusky Sound

Supper Cove, when the tide is low you can walk across the tidal flats instead of staying on the track, some people prefer this, but for us the going seemed about the same

Supper Cove snails

All of the snails in the tidal zone

Tidal route at Supper Cove - Dusky

Nicola leading the way on the tidal route - we were a bit later than we would have liked but decided to give it a go anyway

View from Supper Cove

View of some enigmatic lighting from Supper Cove Hut

Supper Cove Dusky Track

It was a wonderful morning for a view!

Supper Cove - Dusky Track

We timed the tidal route a bit drier on the way back the next morning

Supper Cove Dusky Track

Photography when there's only one log to balance on in the rushes

South Island Robin

This gorgeous robin spent a long time posing for me

South Island Robin


South Island Robin

Look at those feathers

South Island Robin

At this angle you can't tell he has food on his beak

South Island Robin on Moss

I love the moss

South Island Robin

I love that his chest is a bit mottled

South Island Robin - Black and White

Black and White Robin

South Island Robin

Cobwebs on the beak now

South Island Robin - Black and White

Loving the stray white feather

South Island Robin - Black and White

Love the sun glinting off the beak

South Island Robin

So cute

South Island Robin

Yet another shot - in the fern now

South Island Robin and tree fern - black and white

Black and white bird in the fern

Tramper on the Dusky track

Katy on the Dusky track ladder

View on the Dusky track

View on the Dusky track

White Flowers


Dusky Track

Creek on the Dusky track

Dusky Track

View looking back down the Dusky Track

Mountain Daisy NZ

Mountain Daisy

Dusky Track

Katy on the Dusky Track

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