So our original plan was an ambitious ski tour over Avalanche and down into Crow Hut and out via Mt Rolleston, but then we started questioning the snow. So settled for a cozy little hut tramp instead, scoping out Pfeiffer Biv for some ski touring next season and attempt to catch a very skeptical kea on the ridge! Great wee midweek adventure 16th-17th October 2019 with Allan Brent and Lydia McLean.

Great track marking! Life got complicated for a while there when DOC started producing equilateral triangles as markers...

Allan heading up the track

Stellar day, great view. Check out the the dracophyllum!

Allan models in some alpine tarn photography near the biv

Cool earthquake affected terrain, just beyond the hut

The weather was perfect... this is why we completely failed to catch any kea!

Very cool terrain!

Looking for the way down

Lydia and I have found it! Cheers to Allan for the photo

Allan admires the view

A great natural bridge, although getting off the other side was a bit interesting though!

It's the West Coast! - stunning

How to keep your feet dry - the running method. Love the look on Lydia's face when she finishes the crossing. Second attempt at a timelapse, need to figure out how to speed it up a little....

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