2nd to 4th June 2018. A fantastic snowy Queen's Birthday jaunt over Zit Saddle with Laura Doughty, Tom McKellar, Paul Marsden and Pete Harris. Just a few photos because unfortunately my camera broke before we got anywhere near the thigh deep progress halting snow!
- Up the Kokatahi, stayed at Crawford Junction, over Zit Saddle, didn't quite make it to the valley floor, so ended up all 5 of us staying at Adventure Biv, don't ask. Headed out down the Toaroha, with a brief stop in the lovely Cedar Flat hot pools on the way. (Use to imagination for the photos of most of the trip!)

Setting out optimistic about the snow conditions, to our detriment!

The 'track' in the Kokatahi

Paul on the very well designed cable wire

Laura in the cage -last photo taken before I broke the camera =(

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