A post-night shift adventure 23rd - 25th November 2018. Friends who grab pick you up when you are too tired to drive and take you on an adventure are amazing! Shea and I walked into Jacko Flat Hut up the Crooked River Friday afternoon, the others joined us after work (the middle of the night!). 
The next day we headed further up the Crooked, to Top Crooked Hut for a wee lunch break! We headed up onto the tops and over to Lake Morgan and eventually Lake Morgan Hut, finding some interesting souvenirs from the nearby Gloriavale (who incidentally we struggled to get in touch with for access, hence why we ended up doing the route we did).
After a lovely night at the Hut and some surprise fantastic dessert from Lorraine! We headed up Mt O'Shanessy, and along the tops we could see from the Hut the night before, stopping for a spot of bouldering and eventually dropping down a fairly rough, but fruitful (so many supplejack sprouts), spur off 1231!
Thanks to the farmer who lent us the key to make access possible from the Crooked!
Thanks to Marmot for the mug!
And thanks to Shea Hickmann, Lorraine Johns, Helen Liley, Sooji Clarkson and Eric Skea for all the trip planning and great times =) 

Marmot Mug!

Amazing swimming hole

Shea making everything look glamorous

The crooked is truly a beautiful river

Having a drink with the Marmot mug

Trying to be artistic with the mug in the river, while getting a drink


The team in the bush on the crooked

Helen and Shea and Top Crooked Hut for lunch

Great tree!

It really is straight up from Top Crooked Hut, with Lorraine and Eric

Cool flowers

Spainard flowers

Me above Lake Morgan

Team above Lake Morgan. Eric, Sooji, Helen, Shea, Lorraine, Penzy.

Kea flyover

Sooji and her pink crocs arrive at Lake Morgan Hut

Lake Morgan Hut

The Mug and the view from Lake Morgan

The view from Lake Morgan Hut, our ridge for the next day!

Great light!

Eric and Lake Morgan in the distance!

A Leaf Slug

Lake Morgan

Great like for black and white

Sooji and a spot of remote bouldering

She's going for it!

No luck though

Great tops travel, at least until we hit the bush

More mug art

And a map 

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