If you're a regular here, you've probably seen my first attempt at an Olivine traverse, which lasted 14-16 days (I still don't know how long it was), and resulted in running out of food entirely. So naturally, I was dead-set on returning to the Olivines and completing the traverse. In January 2021, I managed to get a month off work and convinced Katherine Sarcich and Maria Koo to join me.
Of course, the Olivines had other plans again, and well we set out with a perfect forecast as we neared the Plateau once again we were faced with an incoming big storm and the need to race to a place of safety and once again abandon the main route. Unfortunately the next day we encountered so unexpected difficulties, and thus ended up getting rescued. This was very dissapointing to all of us, so early on in the trip, but as Shackleton said 'Better a live donkey, than a dead lion.' On top of this my camera wasn't working for most of the trip, so please find a very limited selection of photos and a trailer for the forthcoming Olivine: The Re-Return film. Coming just as soon as I muster up the courage and enough friends to make another attempt!

Olivine: The Return

Three women trampers setting out up the Arawhata River

Myself, Katherine and Maria before we set off up 10-hour gorge on the Arawhata river. P.S they are still my friends...

10 hour gorge, Arawhata River

Even in January, it's pretty chilly in 10-hour Gorge on the Arawhata River

Williamson River, McArthur Flat

On the Williamson River, looking back at McArthur Flat

Andy Flat, Williamson river

Andy Flat on the Williamson River

Lake Williamson

Lake Williamson, can you spot our route onto the plateau?

Notably, if you are familiar with the original 'Olivine' film, my car also refused to start once we finished this trip. It was even a new car, so apparently, the Olivines don't like my cars. So we'll be taking yours next time!

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